The Unchangeable Law

Lesson 06

After Darius, king of the Medes and Persians, had conquered Babylon, he executed all Babylonian government officials, except one. That fortunate man was Daniel, a servant of the true God. Seventy years earlier, he had been carried from Judah to Babylon as a captive and made to serve in the palace as an advisor to the Babylonian kings. Daniel became known throughout the kingdom for having "an excellent spirit." Daniel 5:12 6:3.

Not only did King Darius spare Daniel, but he "thought to set him over the whole realm." Daniel 6:3. When the Medo-Persian officials learned that the king was going to promote an old Hebrew captive to rule over them, they were jealous and outraged. So they plotted to entice Darius to sign a law that for the next 30 days, anyone who petitioned any god or man except the king would be thrown into the lions' den (Daniel 6:7). Apparently these men knew that Daniel was unswerving in his prayer life and firmly committed to obeying the law of his God, which forbids worship of any other gods (Exodus 20:3).

Just as they expected, the officials caught Daniel praying to God from his open window. When King Darius discovered that he had been tricked and that his old friend was headed for the lions' pit, he tried every possible angle to deliver Daniel from the foolish law he had signed. But the law could not be changed. Daniel went to the lions' den, and God rewarded his faithfulness by sending an angel to shut the lions' mouths (Daniel 6:22).

Prophecy tells us that in the last days, God's people will have to make a similar decision regarding which king and which law they will obey.